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From the Feed Trough by Dr Woody Lane

From the Feed Trough by Dr. Woody Lane

Woody Lane has just released his first book: From The Feed Trough – Essays and Insights on Livestock Nutrition in a Complex World. This is a highly-readable and informative book, a must-have for anyone involved in livestock nutrition and a captivating read for anyone with even a passing interest in in animals and agriculture.
There is no other book quite like it. Based on articles first published in The Shepherd magazine, this book is a collection of eighty-nine essays on diverse aspects of nutrition. It is filled with interesting and unique perspectives that are generally absent from textbooks and popular magazines. These essays highlight a wide range of nutritional subjects, from basic principles like energy and protein to the practical aspects of raising sheep and cattle to downright enjoyable stories.
Woody writes with a no-nonsense approach to information and concepts. He has a knack for describing things in an easy and understandable way. There are chapters on sheep, beef cattle, horses, and even humans. This book is also an ideal companion to college and agriculture school textbooks.

With its light and entertaining tone, From the Feed Trough guides readers through the underlying biochemistry of nutrition as well as the colorful background stories behind each principle.
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